Welcome to part 3 of the series on how to use the Facebook pixel to track conversions on your webshop/website.

In the previous blog, we talked about how to implement the Facebook pixel (step by step) and added some sample tracking examples. In this last edition of the series, we’ll guide you through on how to track multiple pages using Facebook pixel events.

Now that you implemented the Facebook pixel, added some sample tracking events, you want to track multiple pages on your website by using that same standard event. To do that, you need to create custom conversions so you can see the individual results for each page you’re tracking in your Facebook ads dashboard.

Let presume you want to track two different online courses thank you pages that use the Complete Registration event. To track them, you need to create two different custom conversions. You need to do this to track them separately, if you don’t do this, your Facebook ads dashboard will show you an aggregate, and not separate results.

Navigate to the Ads Manager Menu and create a custom conversion by clicking on the Custom Conversions link that’s located in Measure & Report.

Once there, click the Create Custom Conversion link. After you clicked it, a pop-up will appear, select Event from the drop-down menu which is located under Rule.


Here, decide which event you wish to track (let’s say Purchase) and enter the parameters which are associated with these events.



Lastly, choose the category which is associated with the conversion that you’re tracking and click Next. To ensure that the conversion is working, go to the page where you installed the event. Hit refresh on the custom conversions page and if everything is set properly, the status column should be Active. With this, we conclude the 3 part series on implementing and using Facebook pixel on your webshop/webpage. You can find all 3 parts here:


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