Winter doesn’t have to be as brutal as on Game of Thrones, but it can bring you loads of walkers (see the pun there?) into your shop, restaurant, ski resort or whatever you’re trying to promote this winter if you follow our tips.

So, wrap up warm, get a hot cup of tea or cocoa (or mulled wine), and let us begin:

Quick tip: Although the main events of the winter are Christmas and New Year’s Eve – do not forget about Saint Nicholas which is celebrated in various parts of the world.

Winter is here: Facebook

Facebook is a densely populated social media and being successful there depends mostly on users. If ten people are sharing your post, other users will start to share it too. What is more, Facebook is primarily used to keep in touch with family and friends, which makes your most vital task also the hardest.

1) You surely have noticed that people are already counting days to Christmas. Use that!

Countdown with them by using charming visuals which they will want to share.

You can take photos while you are buying new ornaments and lights and make them into countdown pictures. Make sure that your photos are in a good format (hack: use 714px X 476px so it takes the entire screen on your customer’s smartphones,) and good quality. 

2) Discounts and giveaways 

Countdowns are not just reserved for Christmas. Use the countdown as a way of teasing users – maybe you’re giving away a free weekend in the Bahamas or you’re giving away 50% discount on your products during the holiday season.

This will encourage your customers to visit your Facebook page more often.


3) Tagging the person you want to spend time with

Sharing and tagging are one of the best ways to boost your Facebook engagement If you are giving away something, be sure you add a note to tag person they want to go to a concert with or visit Paris in the comments. When a person tags their friend on your page, they will come and visit your page and probably become your fan (and you don’t have to spend a cent on it!)

Winter is here: Twitter

Twitter is a very “noisy” social network on which everyone is talking about everything non stop. On Twitter, you can use shortcodes for teasing, photographs, GIFs and moments to boost your engagement.

1) Make the hashtag they can relate to

Hashtags are very useful when it comes to Twitter, so make sure you’re using them.

You can host a competition with a custom hashtag where people have to post an image by using your hashtag, or you can post an opinion piece related to a current trending hashtag (<- free awareness right there).

2) Most retweeted photograph wins free trip or weekend

You can connect the hashtag game with the giveaway or a chance for a discount. People like pictures, so the rules of the game should be easy. Give your users a chance to win something by posting a themed selfie or a picture of their family while putting up Christmas lights up already in November. Make them show you their love for the winter season, and you can award the best one!

3) Post short videos of your happy customers

Short videos are also a great thing to add to your Twitter game. The winter is nothing without a little bit of singing, a little bit of egg-nog and a few ugly sweaters. If you work at a travel agency, you can also ask your customers to tag you in their travel photos and then you can feature the best ones and give them some perks for free. People love perks. 

Winter is here: Instagram

Oh, the Instagram! The most perfect of all the social media networks and the media in which the hashtags are everything.

There’s a limit of 30 hashtags which you can use on Instagram. Use all of them. 

1) Getting the perfect picture or a video and tagging you – you choose the theme


Instagram is mainly about two things: perfect shot photos & fun not so perfect photos. Here’s how to use that to your advantage: Most Christmassy photo wins a prize. Or a photo of how much do your fans want to stay at your hotel? Make them tag you in their Instagram photos and give a prize to the most creative ones (<- this gives you access to their followers who will see their photo with your tag which will lead to some new followers as well )


2) Boomerang it!


Boomerangs are self-made GIFs which can be posted on Instagram and you can keep up with the numbers how many people saw it. How to use Instagram Boomerang to your advantage? In Boomerang, capture a glimpse of a place, a city, a theater, or a stage and ask your followers where they think your Boomerang was caught. The ones who got it right, get a 20 percent discount on their next flight or trip – even that small number will make you go boom on Instagram!

Quick tip: Do not forget to sponsor your Instagram post!
3) Think local, use Instagram Stories

If you are trying to be inviting towards your potential customers, they should see everything you see every day, especially if we are talking about the city in which winter is your most valuable season. Use your Instagram to show the first snow, your locals, stores they can visit and concert which will be held during winter months. 


Being on top of your game in the world of digital marketing & social media requires you to be aware of the trends and acting fast, just think of the Oreo situation. Keep in mind that all the promotion needs to be about your CUSTOMERS and not about YOU. If you focus your promotion on giving everything to your customers, tips, advices and anything that brings them value, they will in return be all about YOU.

Let us know which of these tips was the most useful to you!

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