To have an emotional connection with the customers means having an advantage in your relationship. Creating an emotional connection is somewhat hard to do – while we are different and have a different sense of emotion, different needs, and opinions. That’s why, as early as you can, focus on where is the uniqueness of your product or service. What kind of feeling do you want to achieve when your customers are using your product or service?

For example, if you have opened a new coffee shop or a store – you can want that your customers feel at home, or that they feel that they have stepped in a world which brings them back child memories. Your coffees can be special for each of your customers, or maybe you put some uplifting messages on your cup or sugars. Interior of your store can be as luxurious as you can make it, although you do not sell as luxurious clothes, you want your customer to experience high-end shopping fashion, you can even give them a glass of champagne at the entrance. Your customers will automatically feel, not only special but connected to you and they will surely have a need to visit you as soon as they can. Bare in mind, this is only connecting on a superficial level, and there is much more you can do to achieve that.

There are three important reasons why you should invest your time in establishing an emotional connection with your customers.

These are those reasons:

1. You’ll find yourself having long term customers

Establishing an emotional connection with the customers will result in making a long term business friendship. If you sell them a feeling of being at home at your coffee shop, there is a big possibility they will visit you a few times a week or even every single day. If you sell having a luxurious store, your customers will be satisfied every time they step in, and because of that, you will always be a stop on their shopping spree.

Having customers on which you can count on is as important as your customer to never be disappointed in your product or your service. That’s the reason you should not relax or stop establishing the emotional connection throughout your work.

2. Customer becomes your „walking“ advertisement

From personal experience, you know that when you like a product or a service – you will talk about it with your friends, your colleagues, new people you meet. When you create an emotional connection with your customers and clients, you will create from them a „walking“ advertisement because you will become a part of their lives. A good example is Apple, which established itself as an innovative and a high-end brand which does not cost as much. They created from their technology something that will say that you are in sync with new trends and that you can afford new gadgets. They added a luxurious design for their technology, so you can have a slick golden iPhone or a pink one if you want to show your feminine side. Soon enough, there were lines of people waiting and camping for days so that they could be the first one with a new iPhone in their hands and all the TV stations and websites reported on it. Why were Apple customers there? Because having an Apple product made them feel closer to being a celebrity, it made them feel like their new gadgets will solve all their problems with their slick design

3. You can develop as your customers grow

As we get older, our emotional intelligence and competence gets better too. If you are attracting your target group, after a few years they will need something different – maybe in your luxurious store they will need a person who will adapt clothes they buy to their fit, perhaps on your coffee menu, there should be some healthy options – like green coffee. Making changes so that your customers feel understood and find you „a one stop shop,“ will surely add an emotional need for them. Therefore, always have your ears opened and listen to the needs of your customers – and always make a step towards their satisfaction.

Creating an emotional connection is something that you need to have on your mind for the moment you start your business because your passion towards your business will attract your customers. In other words, it means that the customer can not live without you, your product or your service, it means that you created a long term friendship in which the customer is your „walking“ advertisement which will always first-handed promote you.