Making your way through social media market is a real quest for which you do not have a map, only your intuition, and knowledge of what is good and what is not. Only, while you are trying to that, other businesses are trying to follow their own map, thus making you question your intuition. If that is not hard enough, you also want to use your social media channels to have more clients, to spread the word about your business and how good you are, but likes, follows and comments are just not going towards you.

You ask yourself – what is it you are doing wrong? You are posting pictures and promoting your events and successes, you post every other day, and you are posting on all social media channels you created.

It is likely that you actually use social media less than you should and by thinking about posting only relevant stuff, you are calling your target audience for action only when it is absolutely necessary. The key off social media marketing today is connecting with your audience on every level you can – emotional and promotional.

You can do this by following these five steps:

1. Use your everyday life as an inspiration

Are you feeling cheeky or is it time to do some really boring part of your job? Have you had a satisfactory performance or did your training lesson went dreadfully? Your audience wants to know that you are a person of flesh and blood and that you go through happy and desperate times same as them.

Do not show yourself or your business only in the showtime moments, but show how much you need to prepare for just one appearance on stage. Flashy moments that are the result of the hard work will then be in perspective, and your followers will be proud of you and proud of following your journey to success.

2. Connect by using tools for live streaming

There is no a better way to connect with your audience than live streaming, and these tools have become quite a rage in the past few years. Live streaming services are permission marketing tools, since those who watch you, want to look at you, talk to you, want to know more about you, and because of that, it is the perfect situation to promote what you are offering.

For example, while conducting a dance lesson for beginners, live-stream it, so someone who could not attend because lives too far can learn with at the same time as your new trainees. Explain everything out loud, show the moves so that can be seen on camera, and at the end – tell everyone when the next first lesson for beginners is. Do not be afraid if at the beginning there is a small number of spectators; they will come as you build your social media channels.

3. Better picture, better result

It is not a secret that pretty picture can get you far. If you are trying and not succeeding in taking a perfect picture, find someone inside your company or hire a person who will know how to do it. Although it sounds like a non-important thing to invest into, getting those photographs can take you far in your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter success. They are the easier thing to like and share, favorite and with, for instance, Facebook Trends, those likes and shares can get you very far!

With pictures, dance studios and gyms can show almost every part of their daily lives, about what we’ve talked about in the first tip.


4. #hashtageverything

No matter which social media you are using, #hashtageverything, even the smallest details in your picture. Okay, do not write 30 hashtags, but do not be satisfied with just five. For example, on the picture of your performance in the Cabaret, you can put these hashtags: #performance, #dance, #nameofthedancestudio, #nameofthecitywhereyoudanced, #nameoftheplacewhereyoudanced, #cabaret, #dress, #performanceoutfit, #event, #funforadults, #feelinggreat, #dancingthroughlife, etc., but you get the point.

5. Use every post like you are paying for it!

Social media has opened a lot of doors for those who cannot pay for big advertisements, but that’s why we, sadly, started to think less about how we promote ourselves. That maybe is your big mistake – you do not think every aspect of your post – what you want to succeed with it, what is your goal, what do you want to say with it, who will see it. Maybe you just post, but by answering these questions, every post you post can be an ad for your business, even if you do not invest in promoting it.

If you need more visitors to your show, think about what kind of content will attract your audience. Post how you prepare for the show, in every post write where they can find the tickets and even, write about how the tickets are almost sold – nothing attracts people better than thinking they are special if they own the ticket. Do not use only your official visuals for the show, because they do not indicate how hard you’ve worked.

Use this five tips together

Although we have separated this five steps for success on social media, you should use them all at the same time. In the morning try with a perfect picture with enough hashtags so that those who search the keyword can easily find you; during the day, update your audience what are you doing and how you are feeling; and in the evening live stream your rehearsal.

Tell us your results after a few days!