Prepare your tissues because we are starting off with the top five Christmas commercials this year. As you know, Christmas is here to make us happy and make us remember what we are thankful for this year.

WE, at Immineo Agency, are grateful for a good start and your comments and likes and thankful for having met each other and starting off our beautiful journey!

Although we did not make a commercial, we want you to see those who made us shed a tear but at the end made us smile and call our favorite people in our world!

1.  Sainsbury’s

A catchy song combined with excellent animation reminds us what Christmas is all about – behind those lights and songs; there is a bigger feeling of getting everything done in time. But at the end, all that matters is getting to your family and spending Christmas with your loved ones – even if that means cloning yourself.

Although this commercial is more than 3 minutes long, which is very long considering our span of attention, you can not get your eyes off, and you will sing the tune „the greatest gift to give my family“ till the Christmas, for sure.


This ad I haven’t find on any of the “best Christmas commercials” playlists, but I fell in love with it. It starts with a couple of grandparents reading the tweets from their granddaughters and grandsons. Although at the end seems that we cannot live without technology, the goal of the commercial is to show on how many levels technology connects us. From being in a little better mood because we can contact even those who are not there to recording the moments which are happening to us right know and making long term memories.


After last year’s commercial, I couldn’t have thought they could top themselves, but EDEKA did it! Similar to the Sainsbury’s commercial, EDEKA’s also reminds us how Christmas time is the time to be with the family, and not worrying about everything being perfect. After all, we will remember how much fun we had, not how many dishes we have washed or how messy it was at the end of the night.


If you ever had a favorite teddy bear, you will ask yourself where it is now. It’s a short but perfect Christmas commercial that will remind you that Christmas is hidden in littlest and simplest things.

5. Toys“R” Us

Again, pretty simple – even people who are not close to us deserve a happy and merry Christmas. Take a look around you, and you will see people who need you and your smile. Even if it is not in toys, you will feel rewarded.

What is your favorite Christmas commercial this year?