It is already known that if you do not use social media, you do not exist. That is true for companies, brands and also – your startup. But, if you think that just being on Facebook and Twitter is enough – it is not. Having a social media strategy for your social networks is crucial.

Not only can you use social media for spreading the word about your startup, but also gain insight from those who will use your product or service what they think you should add to it.

The most common mistake is being focused on only your product, which can at the end lack of the „it“ thing.

Everything you need an answer to, from the look of your product to the making it the product or service without which your followers could not live anymore – every answer is hidden in the social media analysis.

To focus on only bringing product together, new startups should invest in the agency which will, even if you spend a small part of the budget, get you the answers you need and spread the word as much as they can.

Five reasons why startups need to hire a digital marketing agency to manage your social media channels
1. We understand social media

Our experience thought us what works and what does not work. We are here to help your community grow.

2. We will help you find your voice in digital marketing

It is simple – people love to connect with one another, and they do not like brands which do not have a story, a brand that doesn’t have their personality. You are not Nike, Google, Microsoft or Apple, people are not familiar with you and won’t be if you don’t care about that. People want to know who is behind your startup and your brand, how did you get the idea for the product or service and what is going on in your daily life. We understand what followers want. We know their culture, and we are aware how to get in touch with them via social media.

We are here to make you a brand in which everyone will believe, and everyone will need.

3. We have people who will research your target group

Startups can do their thing; we are going to research and find out everything available about your target group, and with you develop a strategy to bring them closer to you.

4. We are going to think about your social media profiles

Together we will formulate a plan, make profiles, write blog posts, and create compelling content. You are going to be a part of our day, and we are going to analyze everything to make your profiles better and louder!

5. We are here to keep up with the new and trendy

Facebook is “so 2016, ” and everyone is relocating on Mudbook? Don’t worry; we already know what Mudbook is all about, and the transition is already done. Spotted that Snapchat/Instagram stories are all the rage among your target audience? Don’t worry, we have a strategy ready to move you there.


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