In the last post, we have talked about objective-based advertising for museums, and today we have decided to do the same for tourist boards.

You are probably thinking how you have your whole city to use for advertising, but then – when you are creating an ad, nothing right comes to mind. To set you free from that „chains,“ we are bringing some ideas for a few objectives you want to accomplish on social media.

Before we even start, we encourage you to have social media profiles on multiple channels – from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, Snapchat, and even Periscope. Although live-streaming service maybe seems unnecessary, think of what you can succeed if you live-stream your walk by the beach on sunset while talking to viewers about everything they can see in your city.

Clicks to Website/Website Conversions

While social media has made easy to find information and reviews, they have also stolen your page views. First, you have to worry about having a visually appealing web page with all the right information standing out and at the disposal for visitors. Then, you can worry about attracting them to your website via social media profiles.

To raise the number of clicks to the site, your content should scream “click the link in the description.” You can write a blog about historical moments that have happened or a coffee shop with which your city is proud of. Make a graphics, put the top 3 on the least and highlight where they can find others. You can do that with pizza shops, best beaches or the top 10 spots tourists cannot miss out! To us, most appealing sounds the list of 10 hidden places which tourists rarely visit because they do not know about it. Secrecy, mystery and a new spot to visit is a buying ticket!

Page Post Engagement/Tweet engagements

Oh, we have a good one!

Ask on your social media profiles those who already visited you – what is the best memory they had or which place in your city they want to visit again and why? If they post an answer and share your question, they could win… tn tn tn… just that! Except you finding out what tourist found the best in your city, you will also create a bond with them and maybe even spark a need to visit you again soon!

Page Likes/Followers

For page likes and upping the number of followers, we agree that good and visually attracting content will do the trick.

Since you have the whole city to put in the picture, think of a plan. Those lists we mentioned before can be a series of pictures on Instagram, but be sure that they are as beautiful as you want someone to pack their stuff and visit you! Great way to stand out Is to make a short video of walking through your city from your perspective. Start at the beginning, and we really mean the beginning which tourist will first see (is it the airport, train or bus stop), walk or ride to the hotel, sit at the dinner, go for a walk in the evening… give them a full experience in a fast motion video.

Brand Awareness

Being on the map, especially tourist map is a way which will give success to both to you and to your citizens. To create a brand of your city, you need to work together.

You should show people of your town, what they do and how they spend the day. Start by weekly posting about events in the city and who makes them, show to your followers what you can succeed. Giveaway ticket or two, so that followers have a reason to your town this weekend! Maybe there is a big concert or a pizza-eating contest. Do not miss out on anything that is happening, but weekly decide what event deserves your ad too!

As we said at the beginning, with all the social media reviews, people have forgotten about what information they can find on tourist boards pages. Remind them with the compelling content while showing them how you care about every m2 of your city.